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Frank Pearson’s
Archery Background

Archery has been a major part of my life since 1949; that’s when I began bowhunting. As time passed (about 15 years) I went from hunting to target shooting where I joined the professional ranks in 1966.

During my professional career, I have been sponsored by the following bow manufacturing companies: Wing Archery, Outers/Astro, Precision Shooting Equipment, Browning Archery, and Mathews.

AFC Carbon Arrow Co. sponsored me for 11 years. I not only shot for them I also did research and development for them.  I shot for AAE and Toxonics Sight Company for over 35 years. Numerous other archery accessory manufacturers provide me with equipment and monetary support in exchange for promotion, research, and development of their products.

Throughout the years, Frank worked for Astro Archery, Check-It Sights, and PSE Archery, and was a technical advisor for Browning Archery and Bear Archery. This experience along with his years of shooting has provided invaluable information on bow setup, tuning, and repair.

When I worked for PSE, I managed the limb production lines and did research and development for 7 years.

I participate in as many tournaments as I can. I primarily shoot target archery, but I have and hope to continue to participate in the unmarked 3-D target tournaments, as well.

I  have been ranked number one professional in men's freestyle three times, once in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, and have been in the top ten for many years. I was ranked number one Senior Professional in the National Field Archery Association for 2001 and 2002.

In the 80’s I came out with one of the first instructional archery videos (The Secrets of the Pros) and now have a line of instructional CDs. Some of them I’ve made in conjunction with Lanny Bassham of Mental Management Systems and others I made myself.

My wife Becky was my first student. I met her while working for PSE and helped her with her shooting. Her accomplishments are listed below mine.

Thanks for visiting and hope to hear from you soon,
Frank Pearson

Frank’s Accomplishments (1966 to Date)
NFAA and NAA State Championships Wins
    New Jersey – 20+ times
    Wisconsin – 2 times
    Illinois – 1 time
    Arizona – 30+ times
NFAA and NAA Sectional Championships Wins      
    Mid-Atlantic – 5 times
    Great Lakes – 1 time
    Southwest – 15+ times
National Championships
    Professional Archery Association – 3 times
    NFAA – 2 times
    NAA – 8 times
International Championships
    IFAA World Bowhunting in South Africa 1997
    Costa Rica Cup – 3 times
    IFAA North American Field Championships – 7 times
    Vegas/World Archery Festival – 3 times
Professional Tour Shoots
    Redding Trail Shoot in CA – Adult and Senior
    Atlantic City Classic in NJ
    10,000 Lakes Open in MN
    Big Sky Open in CO – 3 times
    Desert Shoot-Out in AZ – 2 times
    Joy Valley 4th of July Shoot in WI – 3 times
    Maid of the Mist in NY – 3 times
    Round Lake in NY
    New England Open in CN – 2 times
   Phoenix Open in AZ
   Harrisburg Farm Show in PA – 2 times
   North American Bowhunter 3D in AZ
   Cabellas  Sr. 3D in Phoenix, AZ
   Huntsman World Senior Games  2010, 2011

Becky’s Accomplishments
I started shooting in 1978 and met my husband, Frank, at the local archery range a year later. Frank taught me a few important things about shooting and in 1980 I won my first National title at the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) Outdoor Championship. I turned professional in 1981 after winning the NFAA Indoor Championship.
I have been sponsored by the following bow companies throughout my career: Precision Shooting Equipment, Bear Archery, American Archery, Browning and Mathews. Numerous other archery accessory manufacturers have provided me with equipment and monetary support in exchange for promoting their products. Included among these sponsors are: arrow manufacturers, AFC, Gold Tip, and Carbon Express; sight manufacturers, Toxonics and Shibuya; other current and past sponsors include Brite Sight; AAE; TruFlight; and BCY.
I have been ranked number one professional in women's freestyle shooting more than a dozen times.   
Throughout my career, I have won numerous State Championships in Arizona and NFAA Southwest Sectional championships. Nationally and internationally I have won:
National Championships
            NFAA (Indoor and/or Outdoor) – 7 times
            NAA (Outdoor) – 2 time
            PAA (outdoor and Indoor) – 2 times
International Championships
            IFAA World Field – 3 times
            IFAA World Bowhunting Championship, South Africa 
           Costa Rica Cup – 8 times
            North American Field – 5 times
            Vegas/World Archery Festival – 4 times
Other professional tour shoots that I have won during my career include:
            Big Sky Open – 5 times
            Atlantic City Classic – 3 times
            Redding Trail Shoot – 2 times         
            Desert Shootout – 2 times
           10,000 Lakes
          Joy Valley 4th of July Shoot
In 2009, I dropped out of the pro division. I won the NFAA Amateur shooter of the year in 2010 and 2011.

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